Changes in Bonus Offered By Cozy Games

Bingo players the world over will be pleased to learn of the many new improvements made by online bingo game operators Cozy Games. As the year comes to a close wind down, the software operators have planned new and exciting deals and bonuses events for loyal and new registered players on the site.


Change in approach

While some websites offering Bingo games have continued to allure players with free bonuses without deposit on registration, other sites have revamped the bonus structure to offer players as much as 400% on initial deposit bonuses and awarding players free S4 Samsung Galaxy smart phones to first time depositors too.


Cozy bonus structure

The various online networks that offer Bingo games that run on the Cozy brand have completely let go of the previous no deposit needed free £15 star-up bonus, and have switched to a deposit based bonus structure. The following has now been put into play.

  • Fresh players to register with networks that support the operators can avail of 350% bonus on their first deposit.
  • Second deposits will earn players an attractive 250% received bonus.
  • Third deposit will see players better off with 300% bonus on their contribution to the network.


Those still in the game for the glory and reward can partake in the some of the best promotional offers delivered. Big Heart Bingo have made special preferences to players across the world with an alluring 400% bonus on deposits, and have taken things to the next step by rewarding players free tickets and exciting opportunity to win cash match on initial deposits made.

Although bonus hunters might be a tad bit disappointed with this new turn of events, those in it for the long haul will see nothing but rewards and hours of engaged entertainment.

Who Is The Lucky One?


The Australian wing of Lotto has announced that for the first time in its lotto history, no one has come as yet to claim the jackpot amount of $15 million announced on Tuesday night. Locating the owner of this lotto winner has become a priority for the organizers of South Australian lotto today as it was purchased in a random sale from Paralowie Village Lotteries close to Adelaide. The lotto organizers were sorely disappointed with the situation as they were unable to find the actual lotto winner of the jackpot amount which was not registered with South Australian Lottery Easiplay Club, and therefore, no contact details were available.


The jackpot

This jackpot amount of $15 million has not been announced till date in the history of South Australian Lotto. The last large lotto amount which was won around Jun 2014 amounted to $5 million and was claimed by a man based in Yorke Peninsula. The lottery operator which sold the ticket has made a public appeal requesting the unregistered lotto winner to claim his prize money. This is the second case of unclaimed prize in South Australia’s lotto today as the previous one was four months ago amounting to $583,868.36 from a ticket purchased in Mount Barker Hotel. The winning amount was announced in April 2014 and Barker hotel is requesting all patrons who purchased lotto tickets to check for the winning combination announced on online lotto.


The scene in Queensland

In Queensland, too, there was an unusual lottery prize amount of $35 million which lay unclaimed for several days. The woman who made a claim for this prize money is from Sunshine Coast and she won this fantastic amount on a Powerball ticket. During an interview with Golden Casket, the ecstatic winner announced that the most she has won at previous online lotto attempts has been $20-$30, so this is an unbelievable dream come true for her. With this amount, the winner is confident of fulfilling her dreams and is already considering retirement plans. The South Australian lotto industry realizes the importance of lottery money for needy people across the coast and is trying to find the owner of the jackpot ticket who can easily claim prize money of $15 million that can help them relax for life.


Slot Players’ Bad Habits You Should Avoid

Are you guilty of any of these common errors? If so, you should consider changing the way you play the slots.

Playing too many machines at once
Spreading your play between two or more machines can be bad manners. When a casino is busy, you should play only one machine so that others can have a chance to play.
Playing several machines can also cost you money. Just ask the woman who was playing six machines at once. As she was feeding the machine at one end of the aisle, a machine at the other end was paying off. By the time she got back to the first machine, a person had walked by and grabbed a bunch of coins from her jackpot.

Leaving a machine right after it pays a large jackpot
Many players do this because they think the machine will “go cold” after a large payout. This is nonsense. Each play of the machine is as random as any other. The one time when it is a good idea to leave a machine after a big win is if you want to keep your winnings

Playing machines on the ends of the aisles
People play these machines because they believe these machines to be “hotter” than the others. Yes, the casinos want winners to be visible to other patrons. Yes, some machines are programmed with different payoff percentages. But casinos don’t put “hot” machines on the end. The arrangement of the machines is much more involved than that.

Playing a machine because it hasn’t paid a jackpot in a long time
No matter what you hear other players say, always remember that each play of each and every slot machine is completely random.

The slots are programmed to pay less when the crowds are bigger and the machines are busier
Casinos don’t have the time for this. Reprogramming machines requires replacing computer chips and then testing the machines to see that they are running properly.

To learn more about slots, visit Mobile Casino


With their European business taking a nose dive over recent months, has come up with a plan to solve the issue. They have started a mobile application for their online casino games. This app is available on all smartphones and tablets by Android, Apple or Windows, and is powered by the same software used by Unibet. The game is available in several languages, with players being able to play in the currency of their home country. believes that this offering will take their online gambling business to the next level.

With bingo, casino and slots games, is an online gambler’s paradise. The website has been around for many years, with players able to play games such as roulette, blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Speed Bingo, and various popular slots games.
Depositing and withdrawing money is very easy on Customers are able to register their credit card with the site, with deposits occurring instantly and withdrawals requiring 3-10 days. Transactions can also take place through bank transfers, Moneybookers, and NETeller.

Comments from Chief Executive

The Chief Executive of, Jason Williams, had a few words to say regarding the new offering from his company. He believes that it is a huge step in the right direction for He believes that by offering all of their games, transaction options and other features on mobile devices was a natural progression. It allows players to use the site wherever they are, which should dramatically increase the number of daily transactions on

Poor Financial Results

While the site has been a success for a long time, their recent financial results have been unimpressive. The second quarter of this financial year showed a 12% fall on gaming revenues. The stats show that made only $450,000 in gaming revenues in the second quarter. There is no doubt that the upper brass at the company are striving to improve those figures. A mobile application should be a step in the right direction.

For more information on this story, click here.

New mobile versions of both Maple Casino and Casino Mate


At last, the two most widely known and commonly used online casinos from Canada and Australia are launching mobile platforms. Those who wish to do their gaming from a smartphone device will be able to access both the Maple Casino and Casino Mate platforms whether they are using and Android phone or an iPhone. Players in Australia and in Canada will be able to take advantage of these mobile gaming platforms via their cell phone browsers.

This new move by Maple Casino and Casino Mate was made to accommodate the many online gamblers out there who like to do their gaming on the go. Of course, the entire online gambling industry has been seeing more and more emphasis places on mobile platforms with the increasing popularity of smartphones. Most gamers from Australia and Canada are very eager for this news from Maple Casino and Casino Mate and have been awaiting a mobile app from these online casinos for a long time. Those interested in downloading the Maple Casino or Casino Mate app can do so easily and quickly. It’s possible to download this app using the websites of both casinos and navigate using the site website to the mobile app download.

Online gaming regulars are probably familiar with the region-specific characteristics of both and Casino Mate. However, these casinos have also garnered quite a considerable following with international gamers. The fact that Maple Casino and Casino Mate operate in a variety of different languages- including Dutch, French, German, Russian, Spanish , and Swedish- increases the casinos’ appeal to international audiences. The Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta licenses both the Casino Mate online gambling platform and the Maple Casino online gambling platform. By making the move towards offering mobile supporting gamers, these online casinos are joining the widespread trend towards mobile not only in the online casino industry, but in the general business world as well.

Victoria Coren-Mitchell Makes History at EPT Sanremo Tournament

Victoria Coren-Mitchell triumphed at the European Poker Tour (EPT) Sanremo Main Event on Sunday, April 20, 2014, taking home a prize of €476,100. In addition to scoring that very lucrative payday, the 41-year-old Briton also made poker history by becoming the first person ever to win two EPT trophies. In 2006, Coren-Mitchell had won the EPT London Main Event, becoming the first female champion of the prestigious poker tour.

Tournament Action

The Sanremo Main Event saw 556 competitors cough up the €4,900 buyin to enter the tournament. It began on Sunday, April 14, and by the last day of play, the initial field was reduced to a final table of eight players.

Victoria was one of those lucky eight, but it appeared that her tournament adventure might soon come to an end as she had the shortest stack among the remaining players. However, she doubled up with pocket kings and then made a few well-timed bluffs to substantially increase the number of chips she held.

Eventually, Coren-Mitchell got heads-up against GiocamoFundaro of Italy. Victoria started with almost a 3-to-1 chip lead over Fundaro, and the match did not take long to conclude. In the final hand, both players got all their chips in the middle on a board of J♦7♠Q♣T♠. Coren-Mitchell held the Q♠J♣ for top two pair while GiocamoFundaro had A♣A♠ for just a single pair of aces. The 4♠ on the river did not change anything, and Victoria Coren-Mitchell won the tournament.

About Victoria Coren-Mitchell

With more than $2 million in live poker tournament earnings, Victoria is one of the all-time winningest female UK poker players. Perhaps more importantly, she is very active in endeavors outside of poker. Coren-Mitchell hosts the television quiz show “Only Connect” on BBC Four, and she is a frequent contributor to The Observer and The Guardian newspapers. As such, many industry observers believe that her latest win may serve to promote the game of poker among a lay audience throughout Great Britain.

Vancouver’s Downtown Gambling Experience is About to Grow in a Big Way

Vancouver is no stranger to gambling and entertainment in its downtown area, with the city hosting several major casinos that continue to attract a large number of both local residents and international tourists. The Edgewater Casino is one of those venues, and it’s about to get an all-new addition that will make the casino even more of a destination for those who visit Vancouver from all around the world.

Despite Opposition, Major New Construction is Moving Forward

Paragon Gaming submitted a proposal for an all-new, downtown “resort” in Vancouver in 2013, and groups quickly rallied in opposition to the plan. Many cited common concerns with downtown gaming, including that it would draw those with a gambling addiction to the resort and that it might lead to increased levels of crime immediately near the location. Those concerns were studied and, according to local officials, simply didn’t merit cancelling the project altogether.

With conditions, Paragon Gaming is now moving forward with a plant to radically transform casino gambling in Vancouver. Among the most major changes to the existing Edgewater Casino:

  • A vastly expanded floor plan for the gaming facility that will allow for the addition of new slot machines, video poker terminals, and other fixed-odds games that have proven popular with locals and visitors alike. Table games will also be expanded.
  • An entirely new hotel, which will be added to the Edgewater site with a stunning, modern design. The hotel will be part of the larger resort, but will be open even to those who don’t plan to gamble at Edgewater.
  • New resort amenities, including street-facing dining options and retail establishments, which are designed to add real value to the area and make the resort a destination for those who don’t gamble routinely.

An Exciting New Way to Experience Vancouver

At its completion, Paragon Gaming’s renovation of the existing Edgewater Casino will create the kind of resort that Canadians have long had to seek abroad. That’s good news for avid gamers and those who simply love a great, high-quality hotel with plenty of nearby amenities.

Avalon II… The Mystery and Adventure Awaits

While online Slots have gotten more advanced, few have dared to create a fantasy adventure within a Slot game. One of the first attempts was Avalon, which was welcomed with open arms. The newest version, Avalon II, will take players on a long and treacherous fantasy quest as they attempt to recover the Grail and defeat both the evil force menacing the land and Morgan le Fay.

Maple Casino (click here to visit) is happy to unveil this new game on the 5th of February to players who want to combine the magic thrill of a fantasy adventure with the joy of playing Slots.

Avalon II is a five-by-three reel Slot game that offers players 243 different ways to win. Not only are these Slot games known for offering many bonuses, but Avalon II has made entire quests out of them. Players will be able to track the Grail through various locations, such as the Lake of Legend, Misty Vale and Whispering Woods. There are eight stunning locations that you can visit, and each one has its own scenes and specific Bonuses.

You can expect to hit a Bonus square every 12 to 18 minutes, which means that you’ll constantly be gaining more points than ever before. Players who choose to traverse the deadly Forest Falls or Whispering Woods will have the opportunity to add longevity to their game.

Along with the quests, players will be treated to masterful voice acting that really puts you in the scene. You will enjoy hearing the characters talk dramatically as the action unfolds before your eyes. The settings and characters are rendered in 3D animation, which is a first for these Slot games. It’s very rare that Slots have such advanced animations and graphics, which was also a main selling point with the first Avalon.

For those of you who just love Slots, Avalon II offers many of the best features that you have come to expect from similar Slot games. There are Rolling Reels, Trailing Wilds and Expanding Wilds. There are also various ways to win, such as getting five of a kind in any position, matching three symbols in a row or getting score multipliers based on your rolls. This ensures that everyone will have a fun time with Avalon II.

People who join Maple Casino for Avalon II or any of their other popular games will also receive $3,000 free to use for the first 60 minutes of play. This allows players to really experience all of their great games before betting any money. You can download and try Maple Casino on your computer, or you can play Avalon II directly through the browser.

Fast Wins, Fun Games


Roulette is one of the most popular casino games, no matter what market you are considering. In understanding the needs and desires of customers, Betfair is rolling out live Roulette games that offer bonuses that are better than they have ever been in the past. New players coming to the game can log on with Betfair and take advantage of 10 pounds worth of free spins when they enjoy their absolute favorite form of gambling. Roulette is a game in which anyone can win, despite their skill level. This dimension of the game contributes to its massive popularity and Betfair’s focus on this offering.

A Game Like No Other

Betfair has also made it a point to emphasize the fast and furious nature of the game. The online experience of online Roulette real money allows players to make fast changes and work with flexible bets that offer big rewards. This game is also allowing Betfair players to increase their skill level as they make inside and outside bets that increase their odds for winning. Players of all skill levels love the fact that they can begin to explore the possibilities of Roulette online while not having to risk any money upfront. The ten free spins that Betfair puts on the table gets the ball rolling right away.

The Potential of Play

The amount that you can win and lose while playing Roulette with Betfair is completely up to the player. People signing on to play live Roulette with them have taken home as much as 76,000 pounds in a single game. You can bet the entire bank or place small amounts on single numbers game after game. This Roulette bonus is certainly not an isolated event at Betfair. Players regularly enjoy tempting specials that extend their generosity beyond new registration. Additionally, Betfair maintains a stellar, online reputation when it comes to other classic casino games such as blackjack and poker.

Macau Casino Reports Record


Macau, a special administration province of China, is becoming increasingly popular as a destination for both Chinese high-stakes gamblers and casino tourists. In October, Macau casinos reported a record-high revenue of 36.5 billion patacas ($4.57).

Experts suggest that the boost in revenue occurred because mainland Chinese gamblers spent their Golden Week Holiday in Macau. According to Bloomberg News, the October revenue outpaces Macau’s September numbers by more than 32 percent. Previously, the highest monthly casino revenue was 31.34 patacas, which was recorded in March of 2013.

Macau casino owners have worked diligently to attract more mainland Chinese customers. More specifically, Sands China Ltd. and Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd. have renovated their hotels and added Chinese-friendly shows and entertainment options. The Macau Government Tourist Office reports that mainland visitors have increased by over 12 percent as a consequence.

In the first ten months of 2013, Macau saw total gambling revenues of $37.2 billion (297.1 billion patacas). The former Portuguese port pulled in $38 billion in revenue during 2012, approximately six times as much as the Las Vegas gambling industry reports in annual revenue.

The amount of annual visitors to Macau casinos increased during China’s Golden Week, too, as over 896, 847 people came to the city for the holiday.

Individual casinos – like Sands China, Wynn Macau Ltd., and MGM China Holdings – show double-digit growth in the third quarter of 2013. Economists believe that the improved economic growth experienced on China’s mainland is responsible for the improved revenues reported in Macau.

Many of these casinos are reinvesting these growing revenues in new projects. A popular area of development in Macau is the Cotai Strip, which is the city’s answer to The Strip in Las Vegas.

For these Macau casinos, this growth in revenue is matched by a growth in company stocks. MGM stock shares, for example, rose 1 percent in October, while Sands China and Galaxy stocks grew by 1.8 percent during the month.