Avalon II… The Mystery and Adventure Awaits

Slot Avalon To Be Released 05.02.2014

While online Slots have gotten more advanced, few have dared to create a fantasy adventure within a Slot game. One of the first attempts was Avalon, which was welcomed with open arms. The newest version, Avalon II, will take players on a long and treacherous fantasy quest as they attempt to recover the Grail and defeat both the evil force menacing the land and Morgan le Fay.

Maple Casino (click here to visit) is happy to unveil this new game on the 5th of February to players who want to combine the magic thrill of a fantasy adventure with the joy of playing Slots.

Avalon II is a five-by-three reel Slot game that offers players 243 different ways to win. Not only are these Slot games known for offering many bonuses, but Avalon II has made entire quests out of them. Players will be able to track the Grail through various locations, such as the Lake of Legend, Misty Vale and Whispering Woods. There are eight stunning locations that you can visit, and each one has its own scenes and specific Bonuses.

You can expect to hit a Bonus square every 12 to 18 minutes, which means that you’ll constantly be gaining more points than ever before. Players who choose to traverse the deadly Forest Falls or Whispering Woods will have the opportunity to add longevity to their game.

Along with the quests, players will be treated to masterful voice acting that really puts you in the scene. You will enjoy hearing the characters talk dramatically as the action unfolds before your eyes. The settings and characters are rendered in 3D animation, which is a first for these Slot games. It’s very rare that Slots have such advanced animations and graphics, which was also a main selling point with the first Avalon.

For those of you who just love Slots, Avalon II offers many of the best features that you have come to expect from similar Slot games. There are Rolling Reels, Trailing Wilds and Expanding Wilds. There are also various ways to win, such as getting five of a kind in any position, matching three symbols in a row or getting score multipliers based on your rolls. This ensures that everyone will have a fun time with Avalon II.

People who join Maple Casino for Avalon II or any of their other popular games will also receive $3,000 free to use for the first 60 minutes of play. This allows players to really experience all of their great games before betting any money. You can download and try Maple Casino on your computer, or you can play Avalon II directly through the browser.