Asia Championship of Poker 2013 Schedule Released

The Asia Championship of Poker for 2013 is just around the corner, and there’s a massive schedule for what is considered by many to be among the best events of the year. Last year, PokerStars LIVE Macau hosted the first ever Asia Championship of Poker, and it ended up being a very huge event, initially featuring a jackpot of HK$10,000,000, or about $1.2 AUD. Once the player count rose to 184, however, the prize pool was upped to HK$17,305,200, or about $2.15 million AUD.

Xing Zhou served as the main event champion while Jeff Rossiter from Austria won the first ever warm-up event for the festivities. In addition, there were dozens of satellites and other events held throughout the schedule with enough action to lure many international players. This is definitely also the case for the 2013 Asia Championship of Poker event; in fact, it will be bigger by all accounts.

All of the details surrounding the 2013 schedule have been released with a look at the current leaderboard for the player of the year in Aisia and rumors of a Twitter contest for the event.

This year, the schedule will go on over 17 days, starting on October 18th and going through November 3rd. This will also take place at the City of Dreams at PokerStars LIVE. In all, the schedule houses 18 tournaments as well as 12 title events for the Asia Championship of Poker.

Throughout the schedule is a combined HK$27 million prize pool, but the punters are certainly most excited about the warm up and the massive main event for this year. The latter offers a very high HK$20,000,000 jackpot, or $2.7 million AUD, which is twice what it was in 2012.

To enter the event, players are required to pay up about HK$100,000, or approximately $13,500 AUD. As for the players, this event is certain to attract PokerStars qualifiers, professional poker players from all around the world, as well as businessmen from throughout Asia.

The warm up event requires HK$25,000, or $3,400 AUD, to enter and will guarantee a prize pool of HK$5,000,000, or about $675,000 AUD. Other events include the HK$8,800 Ladies Asia Championship, the HK$15,000 Pot Limit Omaha Championship and the $HK250,000+1R High Roller and many other events.

The UK Bingo Industry Is Booming

Bingo has been around for hundreds of years. Throughout the 1960s, bingo was extremely popular in the UK. The way it is played today was popular with the British Navy and eventually made its way onto land.

The UK game is different than the version commonly found in America. The main difference is that it is played with 90 balls as opposed to 75 balls. Additionally, it is a strip with 27 squares and each row features four blank squares. There are only three ways to play the game – and this includes a line diagonally, horizontally, or filling up all the numbers, commonly known as a full house.

There are several different ways to play the game. Some bingo houses still use the 27 square strip while others are using a new 4 x 4 card. Either way, balls are spun around inside of a cage and the number is selected and then called out by a person known as the caller. In some areas, technology has taken over and this is become automated – though the rules stay the same.

For many years, the game was played by housewives. It is still considered a very social game. Many people called it a pensioner’s game because people were using their pension in order to play the game – though this is far from the truth because there are still many players under the age of 50 playing. It has also become leisurely for those between the ages of 20 and 25.

At the last time it was estimated, the UK bingo industry is worth approximately £1.3 billion a year. Bingo halls are found in almost every town and city throughout the United Kingdom. In the UK alone, it is estimated that there are 3 million regular bingo players – and some have gone on to estimate that this is 10 percent of all women in the UK or five percent of men in the UK.

If you were to walk around the United Kingdom and ask 100 people randomly if they play bingo on a regular basis, 10 women would say yes and five men would say yes.

There are a large number of UK online bingo websites in recent years as well. This has allowed the social game to be played on the Internet. For those who cannot make it to a bingo hall or for those who would prefer not to leave their home, the game can still be played – and this is adding to the bingo industry.

WSOP Europe Ladies Bracelet Event News

The World Series of Poker has made an interesting announcement over the past few weeks. They have confirmed that there will be a 2013 WSOP Europe event in Paris exclusively for ladies. This Ladies Championship will be the eighth event now on the Paris schedule, and means that we are in for a packed event when it comes around in a couple of weeks.

There will be a 1,100 euro buy in for this event, and it will be only the second all female event to take place in Europe. It will be a two day event, and some of the best female poker players from around the continent are expected to attend.

WSOP has a ladies event in Las Vegas, and it is very successful. Now they are looking to see if the same formula can be successful within the confines of Europe. This event in Paris will be a tester run to see how many women compete, and how the bracket is received by everyone else.

Unfortunately, not everyone is enthusiastic about having a Ladies Bracket within this WSOP tournament. There have been objections to the event, and they have come from people who believe that women should only be participating in mixed gender tournaments. They feel as though these tournaments do not help women get respect within the game. Instead of competing and winning against men, they will be confined to play against each other in this Ladies event.

Shaun Deeb, who participated in the 2010 event, believes that any event that excludes a particular gender is not a tournament that should be supported. She believes that women have the same level of ability as men, and should play with them.

An interview from Annie Duke, who is a strong critic of the event, had this to say about “ladies night”:

“I don’t have an issue with WSOP having a “ladies nights.” A lot of women are afraid to walk into a poker room. But we’re not talking about a [comfortable] introduction [to tournaments]. We’re talking about a World Series of Poker bracelet. We’re talking about a world championship, right? That makes no sense to me”

She believes that having such a tournament not only prevents women from competing against men, but it shows that poker organizers think that women are inferior players. She believes that the only way women can overcome the psychological pressures of playing against men is by competing in mixed gender tournaments, not having a ladies night event such as this.

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