The Science of Excitement


Despite its current popularity, Keno is a game that gathers many more players when a promotion is involved. However, gamers often wonder about the rationale and numbers that exist behind the promotions that owners are making available to them. Promotions are not taken lightly by casino owners due to the fact that they can lead to considerable losses when the math does not add up or execution is poor. The good news for gamers and owners is that there is some real industry knowledge that exists when it comes to developing Keno promotions.

Te first step owners take is to decide what kind of audience they wish to target. Promotions can be developed with the goal of gathering new players, or a particular promotion can be tailored to retain devoted ones. Owners always craft their promotions with their goals in mind while also keeping things as simple as possible. For instance, a promotion may allow players to buy 10 games in order to make the next one free. More complex deals might take place in tournament play, keeping audiences engaged for days at a time.

Regardless of the type of promotion, simplification is always a major concern. Most offerings avoid fine print as well. Additionally, effective promotions make qualifying for the offering as open as possible. Failing on the mathematical front can also be disastrous. A notorious example of such a failure took place at the Fiesta Casino. They ran a promotion for several days that offered double the returns on four different kinds of poker simultaneously. They lost millions due to miscalculations, offering experienced players a six percent edge over the house and novice players a one to three percent edge. Other considerations that are integral in Keno promotions are the excitement of the offer, the abilities of the staff orchestrating gaming, and the promotion of the offer beforehand. All things considered, there is a fine line between exciting Keno promotions for players and profits for the house offering them.

Changes in Bonus Offered By Cozy Games

Bingo players the world over will be pleased to learn of the many new improvements made by online bingo game operators Cozy Games. As the year comes to a close wind down, the software operators have planned new and exciting deals and bonuses events for loyal and new registered players on the site.


Change in approach

While some websites offering Bingo games have continued to allure players with free bonuses without deposit on registration, other sites have revamped the bonus structure to offer players as much as 400% on initial deposit bonuses and awarding players free S4 Samsung Galaxy smart phones to first time depositors too.


Cozy bonus structure

The various online networks that offer Bingo games that run on the Cozy brand have completely let go of the previous no deposit needed free £15 star-up bonus, and have switched to a deposit based bonus structure. The following has now been put into play.

  • Fresh players to register with networks that support the operators can avail of 350% bonus on their first deposit.
  • Second deposits will earn players an attractive 250% received bonus.
  • Third deposit will see players better off with 300% bonus on their contribution to the network.


Those still in the game for the glory and reward can partake in the some of the best promotional offers delivered. Big Heart Bingo have made special preferences to players across the world with an alluring 400% bonus on deposits, and have taken things to the next step by rewarding players free tickets and exciting opportunity to win cash match on initial deposits made.

Although bonus hunters might be a tad bit disappointed with this new turn of events, those in it for the long haul will see nothing but rewards and hours of engaged entertainment.

Slot Players’ Bad Habits You Should Avoid

Are you guilty of any of these common errors? If so, you should consider changing the way you play the slots.

Playing too many machines at once
Spreading your play between two or more machines can be bad manners. When a casino is busy, you should play only one machine so that others can have a chance to play.
Playing several machines can also cost you money. Just ask the woman who was playing six machines at once. As she was feeding the machine at one end of the aisle, a machine at the other end was paying off. By the time she got back to the first machine, a person had walked by and grabbed a bunch of coins from her jackpot.

Leaving a machine right after it pays a large jackpot
Many players do this because they think the machine will “go cold” after a large payout. This is nonsense. Each play of the machine is as random as any other. The one time when it is a good idea to leave a machine after a big win is if you want to keep your winnings

Playing machines on the ends of the aisles
People play these machines because they believe these machines to be “hotter” than the others. Yes, the casinos want winners to be visible to other patrons. Yes, some machines are programmed with different payoff percentages. But casinos don’t put “hot” machines on the end. The arrangement of the machines is much more involved than that.

Playing a machine because it hasn’t paid a jackpot in a long time
No matter what you hear other players say, always remember that each play of each and every slot machine is completely random.

The slots are programmed to pay less when the crowds are bigger and the machines are busier
Casinos don’t have the time for this. Reprogramming machines requires replacing computer chips and then testing the machines to see that they are running properly.

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Vancouver’s Downtown Gambling Experience is About to Grow in a Big Way

Vancouver is no stranger to gambling and entertainment in its downtown area, with the city hosting several major casinos that continue to attract a large number of both local residents and international tourists. The Edgewater Casino is one of those venues, and it’s about to get an all-new addition that will make the casino even more of a destination for those who visit Vancouver from all around the world.

Despite Opposition, Major New Construction is Moving Forward

Paragon Gaming submitted a proposal for an all-new, downtown “resort” in Vancouver in 2013, and groups quickly rallied in opposition to the plan. Many cited common concerns with downtown gaming, including that it would draw those with a gambling addiction to the resort and that it might lead to increased levels of crime immediately near the location. Those concerns were studied and, according to local officials, simply didn’t merit cancelling the project altogether.

With conditions, Paragon Gaming is now moving forward with a plant to radically transform casino gambling in Vancouver. Among the most major changes to the existing Edgewater Casino:

  • A vastly expanded floor plan for the gaming facility that will allow for the addition of new slot machines, video poker terminals, and other fixed-odds games that have proven popular with locals and visitors alike. Table games will also be expanded.
  • An entirely new hotel, which will be added to the Edgewater site with a stunning, modern design. The hotel will be part of the larger resort, but will be open even to those who don’t plan to gamble at Edgewater.
  • New resort amenities, including street-facing dining options and retail establishments, which are designed to add real value to the area and make the resort a destination for those who don’t gamble routinely.

An Exciting New Way to Experience Vancouver

At its completion, Paragon Gaming’s renovation of the existing Edgewater Casino will create the kind of resort that Canadians have long had to seek abroad. That’s good news for avid gamers and those who simply love a great, high-quality hotel with plenty of nearby amenities.

Japan is Poised to Become a Major Player in World Gambling Markets


Japan is getting ready to move forward in efforts to legalize casino gambling. Lawmakers in Japan are preparing to submit a bill to parliament that implements a new policy plan allowing for the operation of casinos within the country. The bipartisan bill is supported by Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party, and is expected to pass within the next year.

Included in the Bill

The policy plan outlined in the bill is modeled on that used to regulate casinos in Las Vegas and Singapore, creating oversight similar to that conducted by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The plan calls for this agency to answer to the cabinet, as opposed to any one ministry, safeguarding against industry and government corruption.
Advocates of the bill favor regulatory system in order make it exceedingly difficult for all but the world’s largest operators to open for business in Japan. This, they say, will help to prevent organized crime from establishing itself within the country’s gaming industry.

Construction Could Begin Within Two Years

Should the bill pass, licensing of casinos could begin as soon as 2016. The country’s first casino would then be set to open its doors in time for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Corporations are Competing to Get in on the Ground Floor

Japan has the potential to create the second-largest gambling market in the world, and some gaming mega corporations already have plans in the works for Japanese resorts. Wynn Resorts Ltd. is preparing plans for a new project in Japan that could cost the company over $4 billion, and other companies such as MGM Resorts International., Las Vegas Sands Corp., and Melco Crown Entertainment are also considering operations in the country.

More Resort than Casino

In an effort to compete with Singapore’s prosperous gaming industry, Japan’s first operators will likely focus on large, high-end resorts as opposed to standalone casinos. This fits nicely with the broader purpose of the bill, which is to draw more tourists to bring more tourists, meetings, and conventions to the country.

Popular Support Should be Forthcoming

Japan’s population will also benefit from the bill; gambling is already quite popular in the country, albeit limited in scope. Currently, most gaming operations in Japan operate such services as sports betting, lotteries, and a pinball-like game called pachinko.

Watch Blackjack Expert Henry Tamburin

Can’t Seem To Win? Watch Blackjack Expert Henry Tamburin Explain The Five Most Misplayed Blackjack Hands

Many Blackjack newcomers think they have an idea on what the best hands in the game are. In this video, Henry Tamburin details the most often misplayed hands, and explains what moves you should be making instead in order to keep the money coming in.

Best Slot Games for Ladies – Agent Jane Blonde

Slot Theme
Agent blonde is set to shake things up in this action packed video slot game.
With 5 reels, free spins and a 10 000 coin jackpot, you’d best buckle up.

Symbols indicate the by various gadgets in Misses Blonde’s arsenal as well as the many beautiful women looking to take Miss Blonde down. Sound effects add to the suspense of the chase.

Get started
Starting your mission is simple. Bets begin at 1 penny and can be increased to 45 Euros, Pounds or Dollars.

The expert button adds an auto play with two quick spin modes, allowing you to choose any number or auto spins up to 99

Agent Jane slot feature
The games main feature is Agent Jane Blonde in various disguises spinning across on your reels.
In her normal outfit she acts as a wild symbol, which doubles any win. 5 of these symbols
will grant you the jackpot of 10 000 coins, mission accomplished.

Three scatter symbols give you 15 free spins, with a triple multiplier and the gamble button which illuminates whenever you win, allows you to increase you winnings by x2 or x4 when you select the correct colour.

If you enjoy suspense and secret agents, Agent Jane blonde will take you undercover to find your riches in this slot game.

Best Slot Games For Ladies – The Finer Reels of Life

For those that appreciate the finer things life this is the five reel online game for you.

This slot game features attractive symbols which encapsulate the refined products we love like diamonds, chocolate and, of course, wine.

This 5 reel, 243 Way Video Slot is based on affluent lifestyle theme, filled with elements of the finer things in life. This rich and exclusive slot will transform your gaming experience into an opulent and lavish lifestyle.

The five bonus games feature specific products from real life.

Coffee and chocolate bonus – When you score a minimum of three scatter symbols you receive ten free spins, with a multiplier that increases up to x5.

Wine and cheese – Rewards you with 15 free spins plus additional wilds which increase the multiplier.

Whiskey and cigars – 20 free spins and wilds that increase the multiplier either x2 or x3

Champagne and diamonds – Gives you 25 free spins and a multiplier up to x5.

As you progress through The Finer Features, you move closer to Achieving Gold Status which will express your ultimate status.

Finer reels will be appreciated by the more experienced gambler. An elegant design makes this slot game an instant favorite.