WSOP Europe Ladies Bracelet Event News

Europe Ladies Bracelet Event

The World Series of Poker has made an interesting announcement over the past few weeks. They have confirmed that there will be a 2013 WSOP Europe event in Paris exclusively for ladies. This Ladies Championship will be the eighth event now on the Paris schedule, and means that we are in for a packed event when it comes around in a couple of weeks.

There will be a 1,100 euro buy in for this event, and it will be only the second all female event to take place in Europe. It will be a two day event, and some of the best female poker players from around the continent are expected to attend.

WSOP has a ladies event in Las Vegas, and it is very successful. Now they are looking to see if the same formula can be successful within the confines of Europe. This event in Paris will be a tester run to see how many women compete, and how the bracket is received by everyone else.

Unfortunately, not everyone is enthusiastic about having a Ladies Bracket within this WSOP tournament. There have been objections to the event, and they have come from people who believe that women should only be participating in mixed gender tournaments. They feel as though these tournaments do not help women get respect within the game. Instead of competing and winning against men, they will be confined to play against each other in this Ladies event.

Shaun Deeb, who participated in the 2010 event, believes that any event that excludes a particular gender is not a tournament that should be supported. She believes that women have the same level of ability as men, and should play with them.

An interview from Annie Duke, who is a strong critic of the event, had this to say about “ladies night”:

“I don’t have an issue with WSOP having a “ladies nights.” A lot of women are afraid to walk into a poker room. But we’re not talking about a [comfortable] introduction [to tournaments]. We’re talking about a World Series of Poker bracelet. We’re talking about a world championship, right? That makes no sense to me”

She believes that having such a tournament not only prevents women from competing against men, but it shows that poker organizers think that women are inferior players. She believes that the only way women can overcome the psychological pressures of playing against men is by competing in mixed gender tournaments, not having a ladies night event such as this.