Slot Players’ Bad Habits You Should Avoid


Are you guilty of any of these common errors? If so, you should consider changing the way you play the slots.

Playing too many machines at once
Spreading your play between two or more machines can be bad manners. When a casino is busy, you should play only one machine so that others can have a chance to play.
Playing several machines can also cost you money. Just ask the woman who was playing six machines at once. As she was feeding the machine at one end of the aisle, a machine at the other end was paying off. By the time she got back to the first machine, a person had walked by and grabbed a bunch of coins from her jackpot.

Leaving a machine right after it pays a large jackpot
Many players do this because they think the machine will “go cold” after a large payout. This is nonsense. Each play of the machine is as random as any other. The one time when it is a good idea to leave a machine after a big win is if you want to keep your winnings

Playing machines on the ends of the aisles
People play these machines because they believe these machines to be “hotter” than the others. Yes, the casinos want winners to be visible to other patrons. Yes, some machines are programmed with different payoff percentages. But casinos don’t put “hot” machines on the end. The arrangement of the machines is much more involved than that.

Playing a machine because it hasn’t paid a jackpot in a long time
No matter what you hear other players say, always remember that each play of each and every slot machine is completely random.

The slots are programmed to pay less when the crowds are bigger and the machines are busier
Casinos don’t have the time for this. Reprogramming machines requires replacing computer chips and then testing the machines to see that they are running properly.

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