Vancouver’s Downtown Gambling Experience is About to Grow in a Big Way

Paragon Gaming

Vancouver is no stranger to gambling and entertainment in its downtown area, with the city hosting several major casinos that continue to attract a large number of both local residents and international tourists. The Edgewater Casino is one of those venues, and it’s about to get an all-new addition that will make the casino even more of a destination for those who visit Vancouver from all around the world.

Despite Opposition, Major New Construction is Moving Forward

Paragon Gaming submitted a proposal for an all-new, downtown “resort” in Vancouver in 2013, and groups quickly rallied in opposition to the plan. Many cited common concerns with downtown gaming, including that it would draw those with a gambling addiction to the resort and that it might lead to increased levels of crime immediately near the location. Those concerns were studied and, according to local officials, simply didn’t merit cancelling the project altogether.

With conditions, Paragon Gaming is now moving forward with a plant to radically transform casino gambling in Vancouver. Among the most major changes to the existing Edgewater Casino:

  • A vastly expanded floor plan for the gaming facility that will allow for the addition of new slot machines, video poker terminals, and other fixed-odds games that have proven popular with locals and visitors alike. Table games will also be expanded.
  • An entirely new hotel, which will be added to the Edgewater site with a stunning, modern design. The hotel will be part of the larger resort, but will be open even to those who don’t plan to gamble at Edgewater.
  • New resort amenities, including street-facing dining options and retail establishments, which are designed to add real value to the area and make the resort a destination for those who don’t gamble routinely.

An Exciting New Way to Experience Vancouver

At its completion, Paragon Gaming’s renovation of the existing Edgewater Casino will create the kind of resort that Canadians have long had to seek abroad. That’s good news for avid gamers and those who simply love a great, high-quality hotel with plenty of nearby amenities.