Video Game-Themed Slot Machines Creating New Slot Fans

Centipede slot machine

Slot machine manufacturers are reaching out to video gamers with the launch of video game-themed slot machines. One of the first games to hit the market will be based on the classic Atari game Centipede.

Centipede was released for Atari in 1981. With this game – which was one of the first video games to have a large female fan base – the player winds a centipede through a game board while shooting at objects in its path.

In terms of the Centipede slot machine, casino goers can actually compete against one another! If two people play Centipede at the same time, the person who proves himself to be the better shot will walk away with more money than his foe. Interactive slot machines that allow the person with the greater skill set to win more money will most certainly change the face of the slot machine industry.

These new video game-themed slot machines, like Centipede, are popular with casino-goers because not only are they louder and brighter than traditional slot machines, but they also require something special the old slot machines do not: skill.

In addition to a larger focus on skill play, new video game-themed slot machines like Centipede will include more bonus rounds than have been seen in the past. Bonus rounds are an incentive for gamblers to continue playing, but also include the ability to make more money in bonus rounds.

Bally Technologies is producing a Skee-Ball themed slot machine, which is sure to be a hit with carnival goers. This game will allow players to log their initials on the game’s scoreboard to indicate their playing prowess. These standings can be monitored at home via Facebook, so if the score gets beaten the player can head back to the casino to try and reclaim their high score.

The hope within the slot machine industry is that video game-themed slot machines will help build a market with younger casino-goers. Traditionally, slot machines have been marketed toward women ages 55-65. These new games are sure to appeal to younger generations, and most likely more men will be interested in playing the video games they grew up with as well.